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Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a process of providing security to systems. It provides protection to all computer systems, those are connected by internets. Cyber Security provides protection to hardware, software and the complete data, from Cyber-attacks. 
Cyber Security is an essential feature used by all business enterprises, for having protection against unauthorised access to their computerised systems and data centers. Cyber Security provides security to information, which is a must to maintain confidentiality in business dealings. It also provides continuous availability of data with its integrity. 

An approach to successfully implemented Cyber Security has many layers of protections. These layers of protections are spread across the computer systems, those are connected by internets, over the network in itself, over all the programs and over the entire data storage. Cyber Security is a security option, opted by the users to keep their systems safe from Cyber-attacks. 

An effective Cyber Security can be provided in an organisation, by people, technology and the processes, complementing one another correctly. Then only an effective defence from Cyber attacks is possible. 

Importance of Cyber Security: 

Advanced programs for Cyber defence provide benefits to everyone, who are connected over the internet. A Cyber attack can cause major damage. It may result in an identity theft, to loss of very important data, such as family documents, at an individual level. It may even lead to extortion attempts. 

The critical infrastructures such as, power plants, hospitals, financial services and complaints to major services are important for everyone. These critical infrastructures must be protected against cyber-attacks from outside, for their smooth and uninterrupted functioning. Cyber Security secures their systems and network. It is a must to keep the human society functioning uninterruptedly. 

There are multiple threats on Cyber Security, such as Ransomware, Malware, Social Engineering and Phishing. The computer systems, the networks and the data need to be protected from all these. Cyber Security is the only effective measure to provide security to these, against Cyber-attacks.