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Cloud Broker

Cloud broker is an entity that acts as an intermediary between two or more parties like the cloud service providers and the cloud users. The cloud broker creates a marketplace by integrating the services of the different sellers and providing the required data and information to the end user on how to use the cloud services to reach their business goals. The cloud broker services may also include helping the customer in different ways. They do a detailed study of the customer's business requirements of how the work is done, their needs, the budget they have and how to manage the entire process. The cloud broker then puts up the services from the different vendors that meet the customer's requirements and fit in their budget. The cloud broker may also provide consulting services and bargain with the sellers as a middleman for the customer. They can also negotiate with different vendors for different services if it works out more cost-effective for the customers. The cloud broker charges the client on an hourly basis or as a lump sum depending on the services they ask for. The cloud broker has the right to claim commission percentage from the profits of the vendors on any sales done through them.