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Best Cloud Storage India

Cloud storage has become a norm for virtually every forward-looking organization. It allows businesses to quickly store data and applications online, keeping uploaded files in sync across all Internet-ready devices, and a lot more. Besides, unlimited files of any size can be uploaded and shared in just a few seconds.

Cloud Storage India

ComputeHost is a one-stop destination for cloud storage solutions. It offers a breadth of services – from infrastructure to platform and software. We maintain a proficient ecosystem of leading technologies, integration, and channels to meet the different storage needs of our clients. Our Tier III data center architecture is armed with up-to-the-minute technologies and resources that allows businesses to quickly scale and meet their IT demands.

We provide an extremely elastic solution to store a large volume of data, including storage for static HTML files, images, videos, and scripts in all the probable formats and sizes. Our cloud storage platform is also used by both large corporate entities, small and medium size businesses for computation and large-scale analytics like clickstream analytics and media transcoding.

Why ComputeHost?

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage India


    We provide the highest level of data availability by promptly synchronizing your stored data across multiple devices, so that you access the accurate and most updated files from multiple computing nodes concurrently.

  • Personal Cloud Storage India

    Network Uptime

    Our built-in error correction ensures that there is no single point of failure, guaranteeing 99.95% SLA-backed network uptime. Data is replicated across multiple locations to prevent data loss.

  • Best Cloud Storage Pricing


    Our cloud storage platform is designed to offer an unmatched level of scalability, supporting the unlimited number of bytes. Bandwidth and other compute resources can be scaled up/down to address extreme demand spikes.

  • Best Cloud Storage Plan

    Upload, Share & Edit

    We allow clients to upload multiple files at a time, and/or edit them, and share it with their friends, colleagues, and family members.

  • Cloud File Storage India


    ComputeHost cloud infrastructure is secure. It supports encryption (both, server side and client side encryption) and provides fine-grained control of access to requisite resources. Also, you can implement your own data access controls.

  • Cloud Storage Plan India

    Usage Patterns

    ComputeHost suits all storage situations, such as for archiving offsite business data, scientific data, and multi-media information.

  • Cloud Storage India

    Technical Support

    We provide comprehensive cloud storage support to our valued clients 24*7 to foster seamless business operations.

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