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Infrastructure as a Service
(IaaS) Hosting

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is rampantly becoming a destination of choice for many businesses, allowing them to better manage applications, websites, and other networked IT resources without sacrificing on performance and rapid response times. It also helps them reduce their operating costs significantly.

ComputeHost’s state-of-the-art network, compute, and storage capabilities focus on well-defined use cases that deliver every bit of value the IaaS cloud promises. We offer developer-friendly features that help clients to gain better throughput and agility while lowering the total cost of ownership.

As one of the leading IaaS cloud service providers, we offer outclass public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions with affordable pricing to clients across different verticals. What differentiates us from the competition is our data center architecture that is designed to augment development, while alleviating intricacies of underlying IT chores such as failover, scaling, orchestration, and automation.

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competitors?

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    Our IaaS experts manage everything for our clients – from firewalls to server patching, load balancing to reconfiguring Virtual Machines so that they can focus on their core business projects.

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    Our data center architecture is equipped with N+1 redundant hardware, backup systems, networks, and other capabilities that readily adapts to the specific requirements of our clients.

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    Tailored Solutions

    We understand that every business has a unique structure, and thus we provide swift customizations across all our offerings to fit in the specific demands of our clients.

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    Custom VM Sizes

    We enable clients to specifically select the amount of memory, storage, and the number of CPU cores to support critical workloads. Clients can choose anywhere between 1 to 32 cores and up to 128GB of RAM per vCPU.

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    With us, you can rest assured of security as we follow the best practices to ensure compliance and security requirements of our clients.

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    Our IaaS offerings are backed by industry-leading service level agreements for reliability and performance. We guarantee 99.95% network uptime and faster response and resolution across all our offerings.

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    Our team of expert IaaS professionals is always ready to assist you by providing right solutions for your problems. You can reach our experts through emails, chat, or call at any point of time or day.

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