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Cloud Hosting
for Healthcare Industry

> Cloud Hosting for Healthcare Industry

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the healthcare ecosystem and expected to reach $9.5 billion by 2020. ComputeHost is a leading cloud hosting provider, delivering a portfolio of tailored cloud-enabled, web hosting, cloud CDN, and email hosting services to clients across different verticals. Be it cloud hosting for the healthcare industry, education sectors, or for the aviation industry – our proven hosting solutions are bestowed with the right capabilities to live up to your business standards. We are well-acquainted with all the details of the healthcare industry including regulatory requirements, and thus, can provide turnkey HIPAA compliant services to our clients.


Our super-efficient systems are adaptable to various departmental needs and business sizes. Our secure, easy-to-access cloud model, be it public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid, can help your healthcare organization thrive in today’s competitive world. ComputeHost's cloud hosting services are fostered by leading technologies that provide fast access to accurate, updated information to healthcare professionals, so that they can assess and treat patients more efficiently.

Why Business Should Team up with ComputeHost?

  • Seamless Accessibility

    Our power-packed data centers provide a quick access to the requiste data to healthcare professionals from anywhere, anytime. In addition, we allow them to keep a tab on the databases of information from specialists all across the world to study trends in the disease so that they can treat their patients most efficiently.

  • Scalable Architecture

    Our advanced data center architecture prudently caters to the growing industry demands in the most appeasing way. Computing capabilities including bandwidth and storage capacity can be quickly scaled up or down to accommodate growth.

  • Stringent Security

    Our data security practices include state-of-the-art cyber security experts, rigorous monitoring, third-party tools, scheduled security audits, mantraps to protect sensitive patient data and your reputation against all nuisances.

  • High Availability

    Our data center facilities are designed to curtail latency issues and equipped with N+ 1 redundant systems. We understand the fact that downtime issues can delay the process of treatment, and thus, we maintain stringent availability to guarantee consistent delivery of information.

  • Unlimited Expert Support

    Our team of cloud hosting experts manages your IT infrastructure, so that you can shift your focus where it is most needed. Also, we guarantee unlimited technical support to our clients via call, email, or chat.

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