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Fully-connected and Scalable Data Centers


Data centers are the backbone of today’s digitally-driven businesses!

ComputeHost is a leading data center services provider that offers a comprehensive suite of services to help your organization grow, by delivering unmatched network uptime, and reducing capital expenses. Our seamlessly scalable infrastructure expediently addresses and adapts to growth and changing business demands of clients.

ComputeHost’s data centers are designed to offer improved visibility and performance while addressing stringent security and compliance needs. With ballistic data center architecture, perimeter protection, multi-tier secure access controls, and multiple telecommunication networks in place, we ensure highest business connectivity and security.

Moreover, well-documented disaster recovery procedures along with activity monitoring and other security tools are also in place to keep your business-critical data and assets away from catastrophic situations.

Why Choose ComputeHost for Data Center Services

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    Seamless support for
    changing business demands
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    Multi-tier, secure access
    control measures
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    99.95% SLA backed
    network uptime
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    Greater scalability and
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    24/7 monitoring and
    adequate archiving
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    Round the clock data
    center service support
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    Stringent security modules
    & monitoring
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    CMMI Level 5 Company

Advantages of Acquiring ComputeHost Data Center Services
ComputeHost offers the best compute, storage and bandwidth connectivity with the smallest footprint.

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    Focus on Core Competencies

    By collaborating with ComputeHost, your internal IT staff need not spend time on monitoring disparate solutions, security-related downtime issues, or service desk activities. Rather, they can focus more on innovative and strategic responsibilities that can add substantial value to your organization.

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    Robust Security Modules

    Our data center security solutions help in mitigating threats and breaches that impact the productivity and availability of business-critical applications. This ensures your applications/data will face no disruptions and have fully productive time.

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    Greater Scalability

    Our multi-tiered data center is underpinned by a pool of resources, hardware components and technologies to support the simple to massive workload demands of organizations. We maintain N+1 resiliency to support business growth.

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    Our data center architecture is compliant with industry and regulatory standards. Regularized security checks and auditing is conducted to stand up to the various business standards.

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    Technical Security

    We have a pool of talented, cordial, and certified data center experts who not only keep a watch on your applications or websites’ performance, but also are available 24 hours to assist you with the most appeasing solutions for your business.

To know more about our data centers, you can take a virtual tour of our facility,
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