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What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting lets you to host your business critical applications in a secure virtual environment thereby making them accessible on multiple devices from anywhere, anytime.

What are the benefits of Cloud Hosting?

What all Cloud Hosting Models do Computehost offer?

Where are Computehost servers located?

What are your datacentre specifications?

How fast do you deploy a Cloud Server?

What are dedicated servers? How can they benefit my business?

Does Computehost provide dedicated web hosting or VPS hosting?

Do I have an option of customized hosting plans?

What is your network/server uptime?

How does Computehost ensure my data security in a cloud environment?

How does Computehost load balancer ensure high performance of my websites?

How long does it take to provision a load balancer?

Your website says 24x7 technical support. How do you ensure it?

How can I determine price of my cloud hosting services?

How am I billed for Computehost services?

Does Computehost have any achievements in its name?

Why Cloud?

  • Access data

    Easy access of data from any Internet ready devices

  • Access data

    You can access your data anywhere ,anytime

  • Access data

    With cloud you can certainly hope to continue your work efficiently without spending more on IT budget

  • Access data

    Cloud service providers offer self-management portal, which helps add/remove resources on just a click of button.

  • Access data

    Employing a team of professionals formanaging your software becomes a thing of past.

  • Access data

    The grid computing system within the cloud helps in performing complex calculations in a fraction of seconds, thus saving your valuable time

  • Access data

    Myriad of software or applications can be accessed via cloud expeditiously. Therefore, no need to invest in various software, terminals and licenses

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