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Cloud Hosting for Retail
& Consumer Industry

> Retail Industry

Retailers striving to gain a winning edge are turning to cloud-enabled services to accelerate their pace of innovation and growth. The capabilities linked to the cloud are obviously helping the retail and consumer-centric industries to expand their reach and cut down their overhead IT expenses. In addition, cloud-enabled services aid supply chain processes, allow retailers to access the outclass inventory process and make communication between departments much swifter.

Retail Industry

ComputeHost is a leading cloud hosting service provider, offering best-in-class data center, cloud computing, email hosting, web hosting, CMS hosting, and Wiki hosting services, powered by robust SLAs and dedicated technical support. Our deep-rooted industry expertise, uber-class data center facilities, and top-tiered network connectivity options deliver a seamless business experience. Be it cloud hosting for Retail & Consumer industry or healthcare firm, we ensure unparalleled level of service that others can’t even match.

Our tailored hosting platform for Retail & Consumer Industry


Seamless Shopping Experience


Merchandising & Marketing Capabilities


Real-time Supply-Chain Management Systems


Faster Time-to-Market at Affordable Prices

Our portfolio of cloud hosting services are available for the following sectors

  • Banking & Finance
  • Government Sector
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Retail & Consumer Industry
  • Telecom Industry

Key Benefits : Cloud Hosting for Retail & Consumer Industry

  • Scalable, Tier III data centers in low-seismic locations
  • On-demand compute, storage, & network provisioning
  • 99.95% guaranteed network uptime
  • Transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing structure
  • Strict security controls and rigorous monitoring
  • Round the clock technical support

Why Select ComputeHost for Cloud Hosting Services ?

  • Hybrid Cloud Hosting

    Personalized Solutions

    Our cloud hosting platform for retail and consumer industry not only fits into your standard business requirements but also accommodates your specific needs at an accelerated pace.

  • Hybrid Cloud Hosting

    Server Management

    Our team of trained and certified technical experts allows businesses to focus more on defining and executing strategies rather than focusing on mundane IT management activities.

  • Hybrid Cloud Hosting

    Comprehensive Support

    From managing upgrades to new integrations, we provide round the clock technical support to help our clients execute their strategies successfully.

  • Hybrid Cloud Hosting

    Highest Security

    We follow strict security guidelines and have state-of-the-art security controls in place to ensure data sovereignty and compliance needs of our clients.

  • Hybrid Cloud Hosting

    Agile Data Center Setup

    Our flexible data center facilities combine a plethora of services to deliver multi-channel plans to the clients in retail and consumer industries at the total cost of ownership.

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