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Community Cloud

Community cloud is basically online social platform which enables enterprises in order to connect with the employees, partners and customers with each other. This portal combines Chatter's real-time collaboration with an ability to share data, record or file anywhere on a mobile. 

It permits you to modernize business processes as well as extend these process in different departments, offices, and to partners and customers. People, who are in business ecosystem could service the customers effectively, get their work on-time and close the deals faster. 

Service providers could target client segments which can't reach with typical cloud services. Though, investment in the security processes and underlying infra in cloud can be higher and competition might be lower and market process are high for standard cloud services. As per targeted industry, cloud services helps every business, whether it is high-margin or commodity business. Owing to this, it seems attractive to service providers. 

For industry clients, it offers possibility to avail advantages of cloud hosting; however, also stay compliant with the industry needs. Community cloud service provider take care of certifications, such as Payment Card Industry (PCI), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and more. 

Other lucrative aspect is the fact that client in the community cloud might be from same industry. Sharing infrastructure in government community cloud is done in between governmental organizations that may provide them a relief from security concerns related to open-public clouds. 

However, community cloud is still an excellent product and with the time, they are gaining importance with more adoption across various industries. Community cloud could be a great solution for the ones, who want to have better margin with high-value services as well as who can meet regulatory and industry needs in a professional manner. The reason why clients of same industry use community cloud is it help in gaining trust in cloud hosting for sensitive and high-rated industries.