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Cloud-Based Point of Sale

Fondly as you might remember those old cash registers of yore, the fact is that like many other things, Point of Sale (POS) systems are evolving too. Streamlining is in, in a big way and more and more brick and mortar stores are veering towards systems that are compatible with smartphones and tablets. These newer systems cost considerably less than the traditional ones. Even eCommerce stores require such easy to use solutions for their business. Cloud-Based Point of Sale systems is the latest entrant in this field. This system is web-accessible, along with being compatible with a majority of point of sale hardware, such as cash register drawers, printers, etc. They are extremely convenient to use and are incredibly cost-effective in many ways. The vendor can easily access their data from anywhere, via a WiFi connection. There is an immediate centralization of information. This is a huge benefit for chain retailers/stores. The less expensive start-up cost makes it appealing to small businesses. This system offers mobility and flexibility. It can be easily installed and run using an iPad or an iPhone. It allows a business owner to manage their business from anywhere in the world with round the clock access to all system reports. These systems are as SaaS offering, and so any updates are automatically installed, which saves your time and effort. Since all the data is stored in the cloud, there is no worry of storage shortage, theft issues, or calamities. The added advantage is robust, layered security.

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