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Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery is a cloud computing service offered as Infrastructure as a Service by providers to enable backup and recovery of client organization's remote machines on a cloud-based infrastructure. Disaster recovery offers clearly defined objectives of recovery point (RPO) as well as recovery time (RTO).

Disaster recovery services provided by cloud providers are not different from organization's own off-site or on-premise facilities for Data Recovery Plans. The major difference between Cloud Disaster Recovery and in-house disaster recovery plans is in terms of economy and convenience since cloud DR services are entirely managed by service providers by offering storage space and client software on every system.

Cloud disaster recovery solutions empower users with an ability to scale up of the entire cloud Disaster Recovery Plan. Cloud disaster recovery solutions can also be availed for backup and recovery of virtual servers that are designed to host mission critical applications including Oracle, or MS-SQL.

Cloud disaster recovery services are billed on monthly basis and the charges cover the cost of client software licenses as well as storage. Cloud disaster recovery service providers ensure that the clients are able to make changes to the system and storage capacity including editing, deleting or adding. The client software is regularly updated by cloud disaster recovery provider who is also responsible for the provisioning of storage space.