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Cloud Content Delivery Network

The content delivery network is also known as content distribution network (CDN) is basically an internationally distributed network of proxy servers which are located in varied data centers. The main aim of CDN is to furnish content to the end-users in a faster and efficient way. The content can be anything from image files to web pages, graphics, software, documents, applications; social media etc. Google Cloud Content Delivery Network makes use of Google's internationally distributed edge caches to cache the HTTP(S) Load Balanced content to its users. The benefit of caching content is that you get content at the faster pace and load on the servers also reduce exponentially.

Content providers like media companies, e-commerce vendors pay the fee to CDN service providers so as to deliver content to end-users. The CDN operators pay to network operators who host their servers in data centers. Without the presence of Cloud Content Delivery Network, we will not be able to get content available on the internet. Just be wary of security concerns as vital information can get leaked. A good CDN minimizes latency. It caches the content files so that content is stored closer to the visitors and is delivered immediately without any delay.