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Cloud Load Balancers

Cloud Load Balancers handle the online traffic by allocating the workloads across several servers as well as resources both automatically or on demand basis. They make the best use of your workload performance and at the same time prevent overload in order to offer users a flawless experience.

The fast rise in online traffic can offer a huge challenge to even the most competent websites as well as applications. During the course of online sales, even a small outage can lead to a lot of damage. Cloud load balancing is all about distributing the workloads across the wide array of computing resources. This minimizes the costs linked with document management systems.It even maximizes ease of use of resources.

Each load balancer is given an IP address, which stays static when the load balancer is in a work mode. Do not confuse Cloud Load Balancing with Domain Name System (DNS) load balancing. The DNS load balancing makes use of software or hardware to carry out the process of balancing while cloud load balancing makes use of services, which are offered by different computer network firms. Load balancing permits all to enjoy benefits of cloud computing by competently allocating workload evenly across the nodes.