You may have succeeded in choosing the best dedicated server hosting provider for your mission critical website but the selection of a dedicated server is an entirely different ball game. Since a dedicated server is significantly cost intensive, you might wonder if the price of the server is the most vital parameter before making a final decision.

Key highlights of dedicated servers

If your dedicated server hosting package entitles you to an unrestricted accessibility to the root, then you will be operating a fully autonomous dedicated server in the conventional perspective. Configuration of the operating system, use of custom applications and installation of desired services are just few other benefits of operating a dedicated server.

Dedicated server is designed to deliver optimum performance with hundred-percent resource availability. Needless to mention, it is also rated to be the most secure type of web hosting.

Significance of cost

The best way to purchase the best dedicated server hosting solution is to compare hosting plans from different providers. This is generally done by looking at the price of packages which can prove to be a potentially costly mistake at the end of the day. People tend to buy the cheapest dedicated sever hosting and receive a drastically trimmed plan that may be good for nothing.

You need to be aware that cheap plans of dedicated server hosting are actually the worst type of marketing gimmicks. Customers get lured by looking at the bottom value and forget to check the vital features in the bargain. Such plans are neither backed by quality components of dedicated server nor expert technical staff to guarantee a god quality technical support.

This will result in a compromised performance of your business critical website that is never backed by the resources it requires during challenging times. Buying a cheap dedicated server hosting plan without considering quality can lead to a lot of frustration at the end of the day.

Salient features for business websites

If you are looking for a dedicated server hosing plan that supports your business websites then you need to confirm availability of certain features that would deliver sound support to the business activities and associated applications.

Your dedicated server must have enough space to store huge volumes of varied data formats. It needs to have capabilities for sustaining sudden spikes in the number of visitors by continuing to deliver seamless website performance.

Online businesses need to have a secure environment of a dedicated server to support transactions of the customers. Secondly, you should also confirm availability of assured support to communication related activities including email and chats.

Website security can be an important consideration if your business involves management of personal information of customers. Such information can be in the form of user credentials including passwords and username for performing multi-factor authentication activities. Security of personal information must also be guaranteed in businesses that operate in financial, legal, or healthcare sectors.

This calls for a dedicated server hosting plan that includes SLA based support for dealing with DDoS events. This may also include availability of support to establish Virtual Private Network. Another vital aspect of ensuring high standards of security is by employing firewall protection for the dedicated server hosting. 

Technological considerations

A dedicated server is a complex resource, which needs to be evaluated by looking at some of the most important technological aspects. If your focus is going to be open source such as Ruby on Rails or other systems including mysql or php, then you must select a relevant operating system. Linux can be the best option for supporting open source systems.

On the other hand, a dedicated server hosting plan that includes MS SQL server would perform well with help of Windows operating system. For all those dedicated server hosting services that support gaming or social media activities, you must select an appropriate version of dual Xeon that matches servers with multi-processor features.

A dedicated server should be backed by robust resources of RAM is you are going to employ power hunger technology stacks of Java or Windows. Speed of websites and overall performance standards must be confirmed for applications that are designed to host images and multimedia workloads.

In case you have not sufficient backing of technically sound employees, then you will have to go for a managed dedicated server hosting plan. It offers freedom from all types of responsibilities including server monitoring, regular OS updates, configuration, and patching for maintain seamless standards of security. Managed hosting plans are aimed at helping customers pay hundred-percent attention to their business activities.

In conclusion

If you are planning to purchase a dedicated server hosting plan, then a deep insight into various aspects of the plan in terms of costs. If you expect frequent traffic surge, then a hosting plan that supports easy upgrade will be more beneficial. Check all types of costs that are involved in upgrading vital resources such as disk space, bandwidth, and memory to name a few.