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Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is a process of moving an organizationís data, applications, and other business assets from an in-house server or from a third-party data center to the cloud environment. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud are the top three cloud providers. They provide the hardware and a variety of apps and services as well.¬†

While initiating new workloads on the cloud is not difficult, migration of running services to the cloud can become complex, risky, and time-consuming without proper planning.¬† The most widely adopted cloud migration strategies are referred as the 5 Rís.¬†

Rehost -¬†¬†Popularly called Ďlift and shiftí rehost is using of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). It is a process where the existing data applications are taken from the traditional mode and moved to the cloud servers. There is nothing else to be done. No codes must be rewritten.¬†¬†

Refactor -¬† It is also called Ďlift, tinker, and shift. Refactor requires some optimization and modifications for the cloud. It is done using PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) model. While the core architecture is retained, but the developers use cloud-based frameworks and tools for the applications to maximize the cloudís potential.

Revise -  Adding another layer over the above two, revise involves changing the architectural and codes before migrating to the cloud. This is done to optimize the application to take complete benefit of the cloud services, introduce major variations to the code.  This requires high technical expertise. 
Rebuild - This strategy discards the existing code base and instead builds a new code. This is a time-consuming process and is only used when there is no other way to make an existing solution suitable to the changing business needs.  

Replace -  An existing native application is migrated to a third-party vendor-based application. 

Cloud migration will ensure several benefits to an organization in the long run. However, using a migration specialist service can ensure a smooth and quick migration.