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Cloud Security

Cloud security is defined as securing the stored data online from leakage, deletion and theft. There are different methods of offering cloud security, including penetration testing, firewalls, tokenization, obfuscation, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) as well as avoid public net connections. Some major threats in cloud security are data loss, data breaches, service traffic hijacking, account hijacking, unreliable cloud providers, shared technology and insecure Application Program Interfaces (APIs). 

Additionally, DDoS attacks are other attack to the cloud security. They shut down service via overwhelming them along with data so users can't access the accounts like email or bank accounts. 

It is necessary for many users, concerned about data safety in the cloud. These users believe that they have safe data on the local servers and they have control on data. However, cloud stored data might be much secured as cloud providers have proper security measures and skilled experts. Data on-premises could be vulnerable to the security breaches according to kind of attack. Malware and social engineering could make data storage more vulnerable; however, on-site data might be more susceptible as its guardians are not well experienced in finding security threats. 

It is always a top concern for the cloud service providers. They just not only satisfy the customers; however, they should follow some regulatory needs for securing sensitive data like health information and credit card details. Procedures and security systems' audits of cloud service provider ensure the customers' data safety. 

Maintaining data security within cloud extends cloud security itself. The users of cloud should protect the cloud access which might be gained from stored data on the mobile devices with sign-in credentials. Other, cloud safety issue is data secured on the cloud in other country might subject to diverse privacy measures and regulations. 

Therefore, while choosing a cloud security provider, make sure to select company which provides protection against insiders via security clearances and background checks. Many people think that outside hackers are major threat; however, present employees are also a major risk. They might unknowingly do mistakes like utilizing smartphone in order to access confidential data of the company with no security.