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Colocation Center

Colocation center or colo center is typically a facility that rents out its physical space (such as racks and cabinets) to businesses to house their servers and other computing hardware. The colocation center makes all necessary arrangements that include cooling systems, power-supply, power backup, IP address, physical security, and bandwidth for uninterrupted running of client's servers.

In other words, businesses rather than building their own data centers or keeping their servers in-house, house their hosting equipment to an off-site third-party data centers where the service providers take the onus of uninterrupted running of client's servers.

Colocation is a new trend in the hosting landscape and getting surge with every passing day because this model requires less capital expenditures (CAPEX) than it would have required to set up their own data center, and maintaining and updating a large computing infrastructure.

Compelling Advantages of Colocation Center

- Colocation center provides you access to a higher level of data bandwidth that wouldn't be achieved in your own in-house server room.

- Housing your server in a colocation center costs you less as you don't require to hire any technical staff to manage it. Also, you can free-up your expensive office space by housing your server/hardware in a rented data center.

- Your equipment is physically more secure in a colocation center compared with in-house server room.

- Network latency can be significantly lower with colocation, whilst reliability can be reasonably higher.

- With numerous power back-ups in place, you get greater protection from power outage.

- At colocation center there you can get 24x7x365 assistance from experts to deal with any issues if arises, ensuring uninterrupted services.

Disadvantages of Colocation Center

Colocation may be an ideal solution for some of the businesses, but there could be some shortcomings to this hosting approach. Your colocation center may be located remotely, and traveling to the third-party data center in case it's required, can incur heavy travel costs. Also, colocation usually needs you to enter into a long-term contract which restricts you to re-negotiate with them when prices come down.

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