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What is CMSimple?

CMSimple is simple and user friendly Content Management System that does not require a database. It stores all data in content file and page related data file. CMSimple CMS allows change of its appearance within minutes by strictly separating content and design. It efficiently allows running multiple sites with just a single install. Users can impart custom appearance to the site by accessing its intuitive template system.

You can easily access its resource rich plugin system facilitates extension of sites and installation without any hassles. CMSimple is useful for wide range of users and enables ease as well as simplicity of content management. It is ready for HTML5. CMSimple allows site modification by simple uploading and activation of a new template and offers remarkably responsive templates that are compatible with all types of devices.

Broad assortment of features offered by CMSimple includes members' area, multi-media, blogs, comments, and photo galleries to name a few. CMSimple enables multi client functionality. It enables every sub-site to have multi-lingual capabilities. Every site can be individually configured with unique email, custom template, and password. CMSimple offers two levels of restricted access to configuration in addition to backend template as well as fallback template for ease of operation.