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A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is an integrated system of geographically dispersed servers, wherein every server holds copies of the content (or cached content) and delivers the required content fr om the nearest server that is dynamically identified with respect to the location of the user. A CDN(Content Delivery Network) is designed to accelerate content delivery by reducing the distance between content and the users.

Content Delivery Network is offered as a service to website owners or Internet Service Providers by the services providers of CDN. The content can be in different forms including video files, web objects, database queries, media streams, or any other data objects that can be downloaded. Content Delivery Network also reduces the number of hops and packet loss due to the reduction in the distance between an end user and the content to ensure optimized bandwidth and enhanced the browsing experience.

The presence of multiple edge servers in a CDN enhances the capacity of the overall network as compared to the network bone. A CDN is aimed at redirecting traffic to edge servers and reducing the load on the network backbone.

Content Delivery Networks also help to the archive of data and act as additional storage spaces to help remote data backup and support disaster recovery plans. One more distinct benefit of Content Delivery Network is the efficient handling of traffic surge in the event of a large number of concurrent requests.