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Cloud Storage Technology

Cloud storage makes use of software that interconnects and allows collaboration amongst varied storage devices. Unlike the traditional methods of data storage, cloud storage poses new challenges in terms of data security, reliability, and management.

Cloud storage varies from the traditional ways of storing data in so many aspects. While cloud storage is designed to offer many online storage services, traditional storage systems are basically designed to deliver high-performance computing and transaction processing experience. If you talk about the performance, cloud storage places the significant priority on data security, efficiency, and reliability. Having a huge number of users, a wider service range, and an intricate and ever-changing network environment, cloud storage systems going through greater technical challenges than the traditional systems while delivering top-notch services.

When it comes to data management, cloud storage not only enables to access the traditional data, for instance - Portable Operating System Interface for Unix (POSIX), but also support bulk data management for delivering public support functions, and maintaining data in the background.

Classifications of Cloud Storage Platform

Cloud storage platform can be categorized into four layers - Data Storage Layer, Data Service Layer, Data Management Layer, and User Access Layer.

Data Storage Layer: By making use of different types of interconnected storage devices, the data storage layer can manage a large volume of data in a unified way, and can also employ centralized management, status monitoring, and dynamic expansion of storage capacity.

Data Service Layer: This layer deals directly with the users and can be expanded flexibly. As per the demands made by the users, different application interfaces can be developed for providing services like data storage, public resources, space leasing, multi-user data sharing, or data backup.

Data Management Layer: Data management layer offers the upper layer with a unified public management interface for varied services.

User Access Layer: This layer allows an authorized user to log into the cloud storage platform from any location via standard public application interface and access cloud storage.

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