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Cloud Burst

Cloud burst is a concept applied when an application which is running in a private cloud or a data center is in need of additional resources like computing power or storage etc. In such situations it can burst into the public cloud and use the computing resources. Cloud burst ensures high performance avoiding traffic spikes. Non critical applications that are placed in-house can be moved to the public cloud when situation demands creating more space in the private cloud environment or data center for the new business- critical applications. The security aspects need to be considered while moving the applications to the public cloud as the service providers are not bound to offer any security compliant environment and the organizations may be putting their sensitive data at risk by implementing cloud busting and moving them to the public cloud. The idea of cloud burst is suitable for organizations that have fluctuating resource requirements. Although they host in the private cloud or in-house data center, they move some applications to public cloud at peak times taking benefits of agility and scalability features that it offers. It is similar to the hybrid cloud model where the users only pay for the additional computing resources as and when they utilize them.