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Cloud Service Architecture (CSA)

You might be using cloud computing daily but might not know what cloud service architecture is. Cloud service architecture encompass the various components that are made use of, in cloud computing. These components together constitute the cloud service architecture. The cloud service architecture consists of the front end as well the back end. The delivery systems and networks are also parts of the cloud architecture. Front end is the part which the clients can see, while back end is the cloud.

Front end includes the system that the client would be using. It also includes the applications that are needed for accessing the cloud. However identical applications are not used by all cloud interfaces. The communication application or emails usually make use of the web browser and the other applications provide network access.

The back end is made up of multiple computers and various data storage systems that collectively form the cloud computing devices.

The operations are carried out by an administration server. It caters to the demands of the users and also monitors the traffic on the cloud. Server virtualization is an oft adopted technology and helps in reducing the physical computers in the system. Loss of data is very unusual, in computing practices.