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CentOS VPS Hosting

One of the most popular choices in Linux OS variations, CentOS VPS Hosting is offered by many leading providers. However, the client must take into account performance considerations with many reseller hosting control panels. CentOS is a Community Enterprise Operating System. Its source code is based on RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), which is a commercial product. However, it is licensed under GNU General Public License, which lets developers use it freely since it is open source. Since it is commercially backed, the rate of updates is high. This ensures that this OS is stable, secure, and powerful.

Most CentOS VPS Hosting providers offer customizable hosting accounts to clients where they can easily choose the amount of RAM, data transfer, and disk space they require. They don't have to pay for those resources that they won't use. If they seek a resize of their VPS, they can easily contact the support team of the provider. Some service providers also guarantee 99.9% uptime.