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Cloud Storage Services

Based on advanced cloud computing, cloud storage service maintains and manages clients data, making sure the data can be accessed over the Internet. Most of the cloud storage services are based on a utility storage model.

The greatest feature of cloud storage service is that it enables users to share files within the company, families, and friends while syncing files between all of their devices.

Types of Cloud Services:

There are Three Different Types of Cloud Storage:

- Private Cloud Storage

- Public Cloud Storage

- Hybrid Cloud Storage

Compelling Benefits of Cloud Storage Service:

- Easy Integration: It can be integrated coherently with clients cloud environment

- Tiered Storage Solution: Option to choose from object storage, block storage, and archival storage.

- Reliability: It offers a higher level of reliability and optimal performance.

- Anytime, Anywhere Access: You can access and share your files stored in the cloud from around the world at any moment.

- Cost-Effective Solution: You can reduce your IT operation cost by storing your business data in the cloud.

- Disaster Recovery: Cloud storage is widely used as a backup plan businesses that provide a second copy of their important data. The information is stored at a remote third-party's data center and accessed through the Internet.

Points-to-Ponder While Considering a Cloud Storage Service:

- Make sure it uses cloud storage API REST

- Whether you are migrating data from an existing archival storage product.

- Do you want your data to be preserved in some specific format so as to meet compliance requirements? This capacity is not a common practice.

- Does the service provider deal with large fluctuations in resource requirement?

- Does the host provide both the public and the private cloud services? This becomes an important aspect when you want to migrate data from one type of service to the other.

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