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Cloud Advertising

Management of workflows associated with advertising by using cloud computing is known as cloud advertising. It can be used to facilitate common commercial operations including discount campaigns, e-auction, and coupons. Cloud advertising IS poised for significant growth according to stalwarts in the domain of Information Technology. It is also contributing to the extensive acceptance and exponential growth of Software as a Service model of cloud computing. SaaS model is expected to cross $100 billion mark in near future.

Cloud advertising can facilitate efficient control of advertising expenditure by leveraging big data and ecommerce. According to Gartner, cost of cloud advertising can be determined by enabling access to end users with help of an auction mechanism. Cloud based advertising is essentially designed to support selection, pricing, and delivery of advertising related data. The auction mechanism play vital role of matching bidders with advertising impressions as and when these are accessible.

This model of advertising lays great emphasis on actual delivery of advertisements. Hence the demand for more creative and engaging ad campaigns has multiplied. Cloud based ad services offer remarkable flexibility and enable real-time management of ad campaigns with access to actual feedback from end users. It is possible to change or modify ad campaigns with help of factual analytics and help the creative teams to work from anywhere without being confined to offices or specific devices.