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Cloud Storage API

A Brief Introduction: A cloud storage API (Application Program Interface) is a unique set of APIs that works as an interface between a locally-based application and a cloud-based storage system. It enables users to access, edit, delete and add data stored on a remote cloud storage server.

Cloud storage system is yet another target device to the application, such as - hard disk drives or tape drives to the application.

Declaration: The Simple Cloud API project was announced by Zend Technologies on September 22, 2009, to enhance portability of PHP applications across all leading cloud computing platforms. The announcement successfully gained the attractions of media with an exceptional cooperation amongst major cloud computing companies.

Services: Services supported by the Simple Cloud API are:

- Storage with adapters for services like - Amazon S3 and Nirvanix

- Document with adapters for services like - Amazon SimpleDB and Azure Table Storage

- Queue with adapters for services like - Azure Queue Storage and Amazon SQS

The Simple Cloud API describes interfaces for the services mentioned above and provides adapters for a number of vendor's services. Local adapters are available too for offline development.

Architecture: Cloud storage is based on a virtualized infrastructure, and shares the features of cloud computing technology, such as - scalability, flexibility, multi-tenancy, and metered resources. The services can either be utilized from deployed on-site or an off-site service.

Compatibility: ComputeHost Cloud Storage API is a web API, and thus same as the Amazon's S3 API. The ComputeHost APIs work with great efficiency and cost less than any other APIs.