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Cloud Backup Service Provider

Cloud Backup Service Provider facilitates users to take online backup of files via a cloud computing arrangements. This service leverages a variable routing network for baking up of files to a remotely placed system. Customers are also able to augment a larger setup of physical hardware since the service providers belong to a larger setup of cloud computing services.

Cloud backup services are often referred to as remote backup or online backup services. These services enable following activities:

- Data management
- Data editing
- Data restoration
- Application backup

Remotely located cloud storage platform is used for providing global access to an organization\'s data. The access can be enabled via a cloud backup-software with help of a vendor API or a specially designed user interface.

Cloud backup services offer far greater scalability and flexibility in comparison with traditional methods of backup. The up-scaling or down-scaling can be performed without impacting the run-time.

Management of the entire cloud backup infrastructure and associated services is the responsibility of cloud backup service provider. Therefore cloud backup services are classified as managed services.

Users can also get back to a specific instance of server, desktop, or that of the system as a whole Cloud backup services are usually integrated with disaster recovery solutions.