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Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the model of storage of data in which digital data files are stored in logical pools, physical storage spans across the wide array of servers and locations and a hosting company generally own as well as manages this physical environment. The cloud storage providers hold the responsibility for keeping data not just available but also accessible at all times. They also keep the physical environment of data safeguarded as well as in running condition. Both people and companies can buy or lease the storage capacity from providers in order to store user, application or organization data.

The Cloud storage services can easily be accessed via a web service application programming interface (i.e. API), co-located cloud computer service or through the applications which make use of API, like cloud storage gateway, cloud desktop storage, or internet based content management systems. Companies have to pay for storage capacity they use. This does not connote that cloud storage costs less, just that operating expenses are incurred instead of capital expenses. All business houses, which make use of cloud storage, can minimize their energy consumption by almost 70%. But then you have to be wary of security concerns or bugs, which can attack the data.

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