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Cloud Stack

Cloud Stack is a resource that is open source by nature. It is a Cloud computing software product. This open source resource is for implementation of Cloud services. It is an open source platform for Cloud management. 

The existing hypervisors are put into use by Cloud Stack to facilitate handling of Cloud. Cloud Stack is a product that is an Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS, solution. It delivers a definite infrastructure or a method as a hosted service. It delivers Infrastructure as a Service in environments of Cloud computing. It can create, manage, and deploy Infrastructure Cloud Services. 

Cloud Stack provides assistance to developers for creating versatile and multi tenant Cloud services. It also provides help to scale Cloud projects.  

What does Cloud stack do? 

Cloud Stack is a software product that helps managed service providers and IT departments in business enterprises, to create and operate Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud. It has capabilities equivalent to top international brands of Cloud service provider companies. 

Cloud stack is a highly scalable Cloud computing platform. It can manage the network, data storage, and it can compute nodes that can make up a Cloud infrastructure. 

Service Providers use Cloud stack. The service providers can provide Cloud computing service on demand by using this platform. It is in the form of Self Service Virtual Machines, for the users. 

How does Cloud Stack work? 

Cloud Stack is a product that supports the use of many hypervisors at a time. It also facilitates the collection of multiple pieces of hardware into a single portal, that is virtual in nature. 

Cloud stack has a user friendly web interface. This interface displays all elements of this design that is enabled by Cloud. Cloud Stack is a Do It Yourself Software. This software helps the users to customise the Cloud solutions. Cloud stack not only supports Amazon web Services or AWS, but also the Open Cloud Computing Interface from Open Grid Forum.