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The term cloud storming refers to the assemblage of numerous environments working in tandem for the task of cloud computing. However this word has been in usage to refer to the act of pondering of the brain around projects which are related to cloud technologies. In its first as well as the most technical of the usages of this word; cloud storming refers to the exercise of utilizing numerous cloud computing environments for the task of linking various networks so that they are able to deliver specified data requirements for specified needs. A complicated information technology scenario in which one kind of CRM tools are outsourced by a single cloud platform and the user interface of the similar application is sourced from another cloud application. This scenario could also be termed as cloud storming.

Hence cloud storming is an exercise of adding value to the work environment of cloud computing which results in the optimization of the project as well as cost-cutting for the investors. Another domain in which this term cloud storming is quite in popular usage is the provisioning of numerous resources or the utilization and strategic vision for the usage of systems based on the cloud. For example, a situation might arise where a consulting party may aggregate the data of research and further try to implement it via taking the effective use of cloud-based strategies; could also be termed as cloud storming. As was discussed earlier in this content that the procedure of brainstorming for fulfilling the purpose of finding a creative solution related to the technology of cloud could also be termed as cloud storming; hence various other scenarios exist where this term cloud storming is in wider use.

In today's age, the cloud has become one of the most used backend technologies to be deployed in the information technology systems of the businesses be them a single vendor proprietorship shop or too big online vendors such as Amazon or Flipkart. Hence the activity of storming brain around the projects which are related to the technology of cloud is also termed as cloud storming. The basic inception behind this idea was the term cloud itself. Cloud refers to the act of conceiving internet of being made up of numerous clouds of data servers. As such any act of bringing about new innovation for the better utilization of the resources at disposal is generally referred to as cloud storming.