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Cloud Bridge

Cloud bridge is a process of integrating the corporate data center with the cloud environment. While many enterprises are considering the need of moving their applications to the cloud for their users, they still need some applications to remain within their data centers. They wish to take advantage of the elasticity of the cloud without sacrificing the security to their critical assets (like databases, repositories and directories) that they get in their own data centers. Cloud bridge looks to create a connecting door between the data center and the vast cloud environment for smooth transition. It looks to evolve a hybrid strategy that overcomes issues like insecure connectivity or allowing of application stored in data centers to work on the cloud without the need of copying them again and many similar issues. Cloud bridge will enable the enterprises to take advantages of the cloud like cutting down costs, faster implementation of work, access to unlimited resources, elasticity and efficacy of the cloud at far lower costs. They still get to use their data centers for all their sensitive and confidential applications storing them behind the corporate firewall. Cloud bridge gives enterprises the best of both worlds combining the data center security with the elasticity and flexibility of the cloud.