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Cloud Arcs

Cloud Arcs is short for cloud architectures. They are designs for software applications that are accessible and used over the internet. The applications built here are used as and when needed and discarded once the job is completed. They are elastic i.e. the users can scale the resources (storage, servers, RAM etc.) and dispose of them once the work is done. Numerous virtual servers are created on demand and shut down once the job is completed.

Cloud arcs have become a necessity as a solution to the various difficulties developers encountered in the traditional data processing system like getting of computing machines as and when required for an application. Secondly, it is practically very difficult to integrate the large scale job being processed on different machines.Thirdly distributing and auto scaling of workload is not possible and finally the question of what to do with the machines once the job is over. Cloud arcs offer solutions for all these challenges.

Cloud Arcs can be built with a low upfront investment. It can be created on-demand and disposed of equally quick. The customers are not liable for the entire infrastructure. They just pay for what they use. It creates parallelization of the work across various machines gaining and saving lots of time.