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Cloud Washing

Cloud Washing is fundamentally the process of rebranding an aged product or service by connecting it with the jargon "cloud". The essence of the word "washing" can be understood as the essential technique of reinvigorating something by painting it. The paint in this case can be apprehended as a robust marketing message. Cloud washing thus aims upon inflating the financial sales of any company by delineating the products and services of the company by adding it to the cloud paraphernalia.

To understand the concept of cloud washing, there is a need to comprehend the meaning of cloud computing first. Cloud computing essentially refers to the process of allowing the user to register with a web-based facility that contrives all the important information programs that are required for the effective completion of a job. Cloud computing has totally revolutionised the business world by procuring easy fitting solutions for every complex requirement. It enhances the productivity as well as network accessibility of a business organisation without adding supplemented infrastructural costs. It helps the business houses to focus on their core business activities and innovation rather than spending their crucial time on maintenance issues. In addition, it allows the business organisations to efficiently act under dynamic business situations.