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Cloud File Sharing

Cloud file sharing is essentially the process of sharing files between different individuals by leveraging cloud computing technologies. Cloud File Sharing incorporates the use of cloud storage solutions and collaboration services to facilitate file sharing via the Internet between users that are placed in remote global locations.

Cloud File Sharing enables to use different internet-enabled devices to access files on the go. Employees of an organization are therefore able to enjoy the convenience of accessibility from any place. It also improves speed as well as the efficiency of data processing. Sharing and collaboration of documents can be executed from anywhere irrespective of the place where the data is physically stored.

Cloud File Sharing is enabled with online storage of file by the cloud file sharing service provider. Usually, a service control panel is utilized for online storage of file with help of a unique URL. Owners of the file are only required to share the URL in order to facilitate downloading of the file.

The actual physical place of storage is the cloud storage servers maintained by service providers and are purpose built to facilitate seamless access of the data to end users. Cloud-based file sharing is being accepted rapidly by organizations of all sizes to enable their employees to access relevant files or data from their smartphones or laptops.

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