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Casebox is open source and therefore fully customizable application aimed at managing all information of the organization in a single system. The application is extensively used by litigation project teams for ensuring greater efficiency while working on different projects and cases. Casebox hosting allows you to create your own forms for storage of information and has a remarkable document management capability backed by full text search and version control.

The most compelling advantage of Casebox is its design as well as behavior, which are identical to your desktop and hence Casebox is extremely easy to learn. It lets you simply drag and drop files for managing these in desired programs. It also enables ease if browsing or viewing all records as well as documents that are hosted on Casebox with facility to view upcoming tasks.

Casebox hosting also allows customization of permissions, workgroups, friends, or forms. Users of Casebox hosting are also able to generate graphs or charts for analysis of patterns or rends. Case box should ideally be installed in dedicated or VPS server hosting environment for its faster performance. Casebox has remarkable extensibility and it can be easily extended for human resource management, contact management, or project management.