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Cloud Based Networking

Cloud based networking is basically a utilization or sourcing of one, two or more network services and resources from cloud. It involves shifting a few or every network operations on the cloud-based network. All network resources which are hosted on private, hybrid and public cloud platform. These can be bandwidth, virtual routers, network management software, virtual firewall etc. 

It might involve solutions like interconnecting various VPS or connecting virtual machine to cloud storage.

Software-Defined WAN

The cloud based networking basic concept is few management devices which are installed in client premises or branch offices, and more management functions and routing are pushed in the cloud. Now, it is being pursued for numerous networking products, including WAN optimization software, branch office routers, and firewalls. 

Wireless LAN 

Wireless LAN market is among the first one that starts utilizing cloud-based and distributed approach of building the private networks utilizing Wireless LAN and WAN connections. Enterprises, namely Meraki, Pareto Networks, Aerohive Networks are well-known for using the cloud-based networking techniques in order to make distributed large Wireless LANs which can be managed centrally in cloud

The enhanced internet access and reliable bandwidth of WAN made easy to push the networking management functions more in the cloud. It is one of the main drivers of cloud hosting services and enterprise cloud software. In turn, it has increased the demand for cloud networking and clients/customers looking for easy ways to access or build the networks are the ones utilizing the cloud services. 

Cloud based network is basically a SDN - Software Defined Networking technology' form in which networking groups switches and then access the deployed devices on the wide areas virtual and shared resources. The terms which describe the shift are Cloud WAN and SD- WAN or Software-Defined WAN. 

A few startups are following this latest technology in order to optimize the connectivity utilizing SD-WAN. The list includes VeloCloud, Pertino, Viptela, and Cloudgenix. Technology summary and every company which is following the trend have consisted in the recent report from Rayno Report, namely "Future of Cloud WAN".