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Cloud Technology

Cloud technology refers to access and storage of data as well as programs by leveraging the Internet. The Internet as a whole is being referred to the cloud and its use for different computing applications is known as cloud computing. The term 'cloud' is a symbolic representation of Internet for purpose of simplicity.

Cloud technology enables the use of several services including:

- Software development platforms
- Telephonic communications
- Content management
- Disaster recovery
- Networking
- Servers

Cloud technology is useful for individuals and enterprises to obviate in-house physical infrastructure to store data as well as software. They can use the internet enabled the device to access these resources from remote off-site locations.

Cloud technology facilitates delivery of cloud computing resources in form of service and not that of a product. Therefore, cloud technology encompasses all internet based services that are termed as Software as a Service. These services are based on pay-as-you-go model wherein a user pays only for the services that are utilized.

In cloud technology convergence of infrastructure is a significant process for the services of cloud computing to be operational. Myriad networks of remotely located servers contribute their resources for the establishment of a group of networked servers that is regarded as a cloud cluster. Users of cloud technology are ignorant about the specifics of cloud infrastructure and the actual source of the data or software that is being accessed by