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Cloud Backup

Cloud backup, also referred to as online backup, is basically a way to create back up for the data, which encompasses sending the copy of data across public or proprietary network to off-site server. Third-party service provider generally hosts the server. This third party service provider charges a fee to the backup customer based on parameters such as capacity used, bandwidth or the number of users on the network. In enterprise context, any company can own off-site server; nevertheless, charge back process would be quite similar. By putting into application cloud data backup the data protection strategy of a company will be given support sans augmenting any workload or pressure on the IT staff.

Online backup systems are usually designed around the client software application, which operates as per schedule, which is established as per purchased level of the service. In case the client has contracted for purpose of daily backups, for example, by the application will collect, compress, encrypt and transfer data to server of service provider servers after every 24 hours. In order to minimize bandwidth consumed and time taken to transfer the files, cloud service provider can just offer incremental backups post preliminary full backup.

Cloud backup is a particular kind of backup service in which the resources of cloud computing and the related infrastructure are utilized so that the restoration, management, and editing of data as well as the associated service and of applications; a backup would be done. The process is done through internet using a remote network. The other names of cloud backup are remote backup or online backup. The service of cloud backup is used primarily by the organization or individuals so that their data could be preserved at a location which is off site and is on a remotely lying platform of cloud storage. The data could be accessed by using proper accessibility management of restricting access only to the authorized personnel or it could be publicly available information in the form of World Wide Web resources. The access of data could be done by using internet using the appropriate protocols of internet. It is possible by using the cloud backup storage services to backup and restore almost every kind of applications as well as data. In a sharp contrast with the traditional backup methods of having an in-house backup server the cloud backup could be effectively scaled down and scaled up depending upon the requirements of the business. Also cloud backup makes it possible even if you don't have too much technical knowledge regarding the techniques of data storage.

The third party vendor who is the supplier of cloud backup services has to tackle everything related with the technology of backup. The data is stored at cloud provider remains encrypted by appropriate algorithms so that the theft of data is not possible. Also suitable measures are adopted so that physical infringement of data center is not possible and biometric access system is provided to the employees of data center which is having the facility of cloud backup. In recent times cloud has become the next buzzword in the world of computing as everybody wants to get rid of the technical complications which are faced by having an in-house data storage facilities. Big corporations are coming up in this field and investing heavily for its long term growth.

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