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In CRM Hosting, an organization outsources some or all of its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functions to an applications service provider. It is also referred to as on-demand CRM or SaaS CRM. The benefit of this arrangement is that the organization is free to focus on its core business tasks and sees decreased costs, which leads to enhanced ROI (Return on Investment). This is in direct contrast to in-house CRM which, though allows better customization, is much more expensive. It has been designed to offer the same functionalities and services as traditional in-house software solutions albeit at much lower cost. The user can access it through the standard web browsers since it doesn't require server hardware infrastructure and upfront installation. The user can access it on an on-demand basis. They are billed monthly fee for the service. The hosting service provider takes care of backend availability, maintenance, upgrading, and computing infrastructure.

Some examples of CRM hosting providers are UpShot, Siebel,, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. This type of hosting is completely deployed, hosted, and managed on remote infrastructure and made available as a service to users.

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