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Data Storage Device

A data storage device is a computing hardware that can store electronic data/information. It may store or record information, process information, or both. A storage device can either be placed on your computer or can be accessed from outside.

While all information is data but all data is not necessarily information.

A recording medium refers to a physical device that stores data expresses in any of the existing recording arrangement. Sometimes, with electronic media, the data and the recording medium is called as software.

Equipment of Data Storage

Data storage device is basically of two types - the Primary storage device, and Secondary storage device.

The Primary Storage Device: Usually small in size, designed to store on a temporary basis. This type of data storage device is placed internally. For that very reason, it is called internal memory. The internal memory that includes RAM, Cache etc., ensure the fastest data speed.

The Secondary Storage Device: A secondary storage device is usually meant for large data storage capacity on the permanent basis. It can either be used as an external or internal form of data storage for the computer. The different secondary storage devices are - HDD, CD or Compact Disk drive, USB storage medium, along with others.

Why is Storage Device Required?

The computer needs data to be stored somewhere so that it can perform any computing operation. It works as a human mind. Without having a storage device, a computer cannot perform the operation as it requires pieces of information/data. However, a computer can run perfectly even without a storage device, but you can only view information unless and until it's not connected to any other computer/device that has the storage device.

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