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Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL is a server from Microsoft. It is Microsoftís Relational Database Management System or RDBMS. This data base is primarily designed to compete against the prime competitors, such as MySQL or Oracle data base.¬†

Microsoft developed the Microsoft SQL server as a database server. It is a software product. It has the primary function of storing or retrieving data. This process of data storage or data retrieving is done as per requests made by other software applications. These software applications may run on the same computer or on a different computer, across a network.
Microsoft is marketing several versions of Microsoft SQL server. These different editions of Microsoft SQL server are aimed at different audiences and different workloads. These workloads may range from one machine applications to large internet facing applications, those have many concurrent users. 

Microsoft SQL server supports a very wide variety of processing of transactions. It also supports business intelligence and analytics applications, those operate in IT environments of corporate houses. 

Microsoft SQL supports ANSI SQL, which is the standard language of SQL. It also contains T-SQL, which is its own implementation of SQL. Microsoft has released three newer versions of Microsoft SQL after 1989. These versions feature more advanced options, with better security provisions. It provides support to Dynamic Management Views or DMVs, XML data type support, capability of full text search and mirroring of data bases. 

Microsoft SQL Server helps the users to build modern applications by using the language of userís choice. It can be built on premises or on the Cloud, on the containers of Docker, Windows or Linux. It provides unheard of scalability, performance and availability, for both data ware houses and mission critical intelligent applications.¬†

Microsoft SQL also helps in protecting data, both in motion or at rest. It provides real time analytics for the userís businesses and turns data into meaningful reports.¬†