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Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is a collection of applications. These applications enable digital messaging and collaboration. This messaging and collaboration are done in an environment of enterprise Information Technology. 

Microsoft Exchange is a Microsoft proprietary product. This Microsoft Exchange consists of a Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook. This Microsoft Outlook was previously known as Microsoft Exchange Client. Microsoft Exchange is also popularly known as Windows Messaging. 

Microsoft Exchange basically allows a business or other type of organisations, to configure and host E mail service, with other collaboration services. Microsoft Exchange is a messaging system, or an environment for messaging. 

Microsoft Exchange Server is a platform created by Microsoft and is deployed on Windows server operating system. This platform is for E mail service, calendaring, contact scheduling and collaboration, created by Microsoft. This platform is generally used by large business enterprises or within a business organisation. 

Microsoft designed this Exchange server to provide access to the users to the messaging platforms on smart phones, tablets, web based systems and desktops. This Microsoft Exchange supports voice messages also. This platform has storage and security features to allow the organisations to archive contents, to perform searches and to execute tasks for compliance. 

Every incoming E mail is first received at and by the Microsoft Exchange Server. This E mail then is routed by the server to the client, for whom the E mail is destined. 

Microsoft Exchange also provides additional services with E mail services. It provides utility services, such as Contact Management, Task Management and Calendar services. 

Microsoft Exchange is available as a hosted service. It is also available on the Cloud services. Microsoft Exchange is deployed or is fully accessible from the internet or from the Cloud.