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Managed cloud hosting is a kind of procedure where the companies allow sharing and accessibility of their resources which includes software tools, hardware, and database all across a remotely spread network using numerous kinds of data servers lying in very remote locations. In the technology of managed cloud server hosting the servers are to be brought in as pieces as certain kind of virtualized servers. Hence, not the costs but the focus lies over the consistent availability and security of data services in managed cloud hosting. In comparison with the services which are purchased or rented over basis of hourly usage; these managed cloud hosting servers are to be delivered as certain kind of monthly contracts to be utilized by the businesses; hence are able to provide critical operations of enterprise levels for longer periods of time. In other words the managed cloud hosting is also called as managed cloud computing. In the domain of managed cloud hosting service the focus lies on the dependability and safety of a private cloud hosting service; howsoever, it remains as cheaper as a public cloud is. Hence the cost constrain remains the same in terms of managed hosting servers. 

There are many kind of advantages which are offered through managed cloud hosting server which are listed as follows. Managed cloud hosting servers provide availability of services in a consistent manner because they are being designed for the purpose of greater availability and are based on the structure of a private cloud. Hence they is able to utilize the redundancy effectively via its numerous node servers, and a greater protection of storage for the purpose of reliable protection from failover is done. The network security aspect of managed cloud hosting servers is another positive point which sets it apart from regular cloud hosting services. In this kind of managed cloud hosting services a greater level of protection is ensured by the deployment of intrusion detection systems, virtual local area networks, and firewalls so that you operate in a greater protected climate of your data services. The managed cloud hosting servers are affordable because their cost lies within the range of the costs of publicly available cloud services.