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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, previously popular as Windows Azure, is the public cloud computing platform from Microsoft. It offers a wide collection of computing services that include the managed versions and remotely hosted proprietary technologies from Microsoft.
Microsoft Azure was initiated in 2008 and launched in February 2010 as Windows Azure. In 2014 it was renamed Microsoft Azure. In 2016, It went on to add open source Linux distributions like CentOS, Red Hat Enterprises, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Debian etc. which can be deployed on a virtual machine.

Microsoft Azure is the number two cloud-based service after Amazon AWS. There are 54 regions worldwide with a broader reach in the developing nations.
The most significant benefit of Microsoft Azure for its users is the low investment. It eliminates the need for procurement or deployment of physical servers, their maintenance, and security. Users pay on a consumption basis and are not billed on the capacity model. 

Some of the Microsoft Azure services include

Azure IoT Suite: Remote monitoring of all the digital assets and applications, connecting and monitoring of the computers and other machines, the simulated devices to test the IoT solutions and predictive maintenance with alerts on all suspicious devices and vulnerabilities, equipment failure etc.

HDInsight: It is a managed, full-spectrum, open source analytics service for businesses. It is used to process open source frameworks like Hadoop, Kalka, Storm, Spark, Hive etc. Azure HDInsight makes it possible to process high volumes of data rapidly. 

Azure Redis Cache: The Azure Redis Cache is fully managed Microsoft. Any cache created using the Azure Redis Cache is accessible from any of the applications within Microsoft Azure.
Azure Cosmos DB: A scalable, elastic, multi-model NoSQL database globally distributed service that can be used for relational, graph, key value, document models without relying on any schemas. 

Azure Search: A fully managed search solution for information retrieval in both web and mobile application development.