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Mobile Cloud Storage

Mobile cloud storage is a sort of cloud storage that facilitates users of mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other portable devices, to store and access their data from anywhere, anytime. Besides, it enables syncing and sharing data across various mobile devices.

Sometimes, mobile cloud storage is known as personal cloud storage, pocket cloud storage, cloud storage on the go.

Some of the well-known mobile cloud storage are Google Drive, Dropbox, and Apple's iCloud.

How it Differs From Mobile Computing?

Generally, mobile cloud computing is different from mobile computing because devices rather than running native applications, run cloud-based web applications. Users subscribed to cloud services can access applications stored remotely in a third-party data center and their respective data through an Internet-enabled device.

Usually, mobile devices run both the web-based and native applications. But for recent few years, the trend is gradually shifting towards the mobile cloud computing because of increasing reach of Internet.

Services: Mobile cloud storage services allow users to build and organize files, folders, photos, music, and more facilities similar to other cloud computing platform. Their services can be used by both individuals and organizations. Mobile cloud storage services are very cost-efficient, some even offer free storage with certain limitations. After you consume the free storage space, they would charge you for additional storage. They usually charge as a monthly subscription basis depending on the storage space you desired.

Statistics: The total cloud storage revenue in the year 2009 was around USD 58.6 billion and increased to USD 2.6 trillion in 2011.

Unique Features of Mobile Cloud Computing

The unique features of mobile cloud computing include distributed infrastructure, enhanced service availability, and improved the user experience.

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