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MediaWiki is a server based software of Wiki. It is a free and open source software. MediaWiki runs on many websites. These websites include Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikimedia commons. MediaWiki is designed to run on a big server farm for hosting any web site, that may have millions of hits every day.


 MediaWiki is a very powerful software. It is also a software that is full of features. MediaWiki is a highly scalable software.  MediaWiki is a software, that is written in PHP programming language. It stores all the contents into a data base. It uses WordPress most, as it is based on a similar architecture and licensing.

MediaWiki is currently a dominant software in this category of software. It was first launched in the year 2002, to help Wikipedia Encyclopaedia. MediaWiki is designed to serve the Wikimedia projects. MediaWiki is a program, that was developed to run on a large server farm to serve Wikipedia and its other sister projects.


How MediaWiki is important? 

MediaWiki is a software that was developed to serve Wikipedia and its sister projects. MediaWiki allows all users, who use Wiki projects daily, to create and edit web page contents. These contents can be developed on any browser. It is convenient for all those users, who do not have any knowledge in HTML or CSS. 

MediaWiki supports function of open editing. Everyone is allowed through MediaWiki software, to edit or add contents to the web page contents. The edited or added contents is written by MediaWiki software in its data base, but it does not delete the previous versions. It prevents any incidence of abuse of this great software. The administrators are always available for reverting back to the original unedited version of content, if any abuse of the content takes place through the use of this open source software. ComputeHost, one of the leading hosting service providers in the world, provides fast and dependable hosting solution for MediaWiki.