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What in MIME?

MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and is an extension of the original Internet email protocol with added functionalities that include insertion of texts, images and sounds in email messages. Original specifications were established in 1992 after MIME was proposed originally by Bell communications a year before.

MIME provides a standard that facilitates formatting of non-ASCI messages to enable them to be sent over Internet and is now extensively supported by a plethora of email clients. MIME types can be defined by individuals such as PostScript and GIF graphics files. MIME types are also supported by web browsers in addition to email clients enabling web browsers to display non HTML format files.

MIME standard facilitates email communications by defining the various types of content. MIME supports email hosting services by offering wide spectrum of features such as support for multiple attachments, non ASCI characters, colors, layouts, fonts, video files, audio files, and images just to name a few.

We can list multiple attributes of content including its type, transfer coding, disposition, and description. In addition to supporting rich text and executable files, MIME also supports unlimited length of email message. MIME leverages special header directives for describing format of a message body.