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Modular Data Center

A modular data center refers to portable means of deploying data center facilities. This is considered to be a viable alternative to the traditional data center because the modular data center can be placed anywhere that there is a need for data capacity. This is an approach to data center design which contains units in the guise of prefabricated modules. This modular market actually began with a global standard approach or the ISO (International Standards Organization) shipping container which has grown into a market of vendors which are producing containers and modular-designed products for power cooling and IT solutions. The modular data center has been primarily designed for rapid deployment and energy efficiency. It is possible to ship this to any location in the world where there are ready supplies of water and power, Internet connectivity and external chiller. Businesses have opted for modular data centers after being faced with economic downturns and credit deficiencies. The modular approach is more cost-effective and businesses can get their funds approved in small amounts. Moreover, it helps to mitigate risks associated with constructing a traditional data center. The latter typically face problems of capital and deployment speed. The brick and mortar data center facilities take a really long time to build. The growth of supporting technologies tempted more and more businesses to seek a modular data center.