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Mantis is a lightweight and easy to use bug tracking system based on PHP scripting language and MySQL database. More commonly called as MantisBT the open source software has high capabilities of tracking errors and other issues that the users may come across while working on different applications and projects. Mantis hosting providers offer one-click installer for fast processing. Mantis hosting requires support to the latest versions of PHP and MySQL or Postgre databases.

Mantis bug tracking is configurable and customizable allowing the users to adapt it in any way suitable to their business. It supports tracking of bugs within the software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) that comes with features like Versioning where bug reports are tied to specific versions, and Change Logs that generates automatic reports on what bugs each version actually fixed, Road Maps and Scheduling where automatic reports will be given on what bugs the next versions may look to fix and their scheduled release and Time tracking which gives report of the estimated work time and actual work time.

Mantis was first developed in 2000 but the first version Mantis v1.0 was released only in 2006 after much effort was put in to create a robust and perfect product. The bug tracker is compatible with all the commonly used web browsers and servers. And supports Windows, Linux and MacOS X operating systems.