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What is Magnolia?

Magnolia is a Content Management System that is written in Java and leverages a JCR repository for storing, searching, and retrieving data. Usually Magnolia production set up is built by combining author instance as well as public instance. Author instance is accessible only to editors and is positioned in a secure location that is protected by firewall. Unlike author instance, a public instance is accessible via Internet is used by auditors for publishing content to visitors.

Magnolia CMS is projected as a versatile digital business platform. It facilitates ease of content creation by non-IT teams such as marketing. Anyone with little or no technical expertise is able to design landing pages marketing initiatives and micro-sites by using Magnolia CMS. It also enables publishing rich and engaging content without language barriers as well as complexities of drop-down menus. It offers simplicity of editing that can be compared with smart phone operation to help users achieve their digital objectives easily as well as swiftly.

Magnolia CMS offers amazing compatibility with vast array of tools and has excellent customizability as well. It can be easily extended to match requirement of businesses. Magnolia has state of the art functionalities that help smooth integration with ERP, social media, and CRM, to name a few.